What began as a simple sexy picture to my husband in some plain Jane thongs, has now flourished into our brand PRI.VIT TINGS. Curated with love and spice for the modern everyday woman who seeks her own validation, PRI.VIT TINGS speaks to the women unafraid to be bold, sexy, fearless, confident, resourceful, assertive, courageous, captivating, magnetic and self-assured.


Underwear should be fun and sexy and worn with confidence every day. Not just on special date nights with your babe! It should reflect who we are as an individual. Our collections represent how we feel, our inner thoughts, how we view ourselves, and the things we want… Whether you’re the engaged woman, the single asf bachelorette, the health-conscious cutie, the modern professional by day/flirty vixen at night, the busy mom just trying to figure it all out... PRI.VIT TINGS has something for you!