PRI.VIT TINGS is committed to paying it forward… in undies!

Our “Nuff Love” Collection is 100% donated to women’s homeless shelters and organizations that house, help and provide to women in our community.

How This Works:

10% of each sale is put into our “Nuff Love” Collection.
Every 6 Months, we take the total amount of the 10% put aside and donate this, in the form of underwear, to the chosen shelter/organization.

Our “Nuff Love” Collection consists of a simple black, full coverage panty with our signature PRI.VIT TINGS heart on it. We will donate a combination of sizes ranging from Small to 2XL.

With your continued support of our brand, our goal is to be able to provide 1,000+ pairs of donated underwear to women in need, every 6 months!